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good morning, america. this morning, rivers rising. dangerous deluges across the midwest causing flash flooding. widespread damage. the college world series suspended overnight because of dangerous weather. the new storms brewing. breaking overnight, a single engine plane slams into a house setting off a huge fireball. >> i lot found it scary, very scary. >> how the man inside the home managed to get out alive. caught on camera. sticking the landing. look at this. a motorcyclist somersaulting over a car after a crash and then somehow walking away. >> i'm built tough. that's all i can say. i'm built very tough. >> what he's saying about his amazing survival story this morning. and worst in show. the winner of the world's ugliest dog contest.
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>> oh, wow! >> so which one of these homely canines took home the crown? really? ron is angry that bianna was not paying attention to him. >> wow. it's tough. tough in here. >> i missed you last week. >> we missed you last week. first of all, let me say, everybody, happy first day of the summer. congratulations on that. longest day of the summer. also julie durda, our meteorologist this weekend, is cheering on the other side of had the studio. not only do we have ugly dogs, but we have a photogenic felon. >> i think he's pretty handsome objectively speaking. stealing hearts. >> and bianna's husband -- >> he's not watching this morning. yes, he's stealing hearts with a mug shot that's gone viral.
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tens of thousands of likes on social media with some ladies offering to personally rehabilitate him. did you see his eyes? >> yeah, i was going to say, do you think that your husband is now going to get a teardrop tattoo on his face? >> imagining peter orszag with a tattoo on his face, not going to happen. >> hard to imagine. this morning actually we're going to hear from this celebrity con. what he's saying about his unlikely fame and his relationship status this morning. but first let's get to the extreme weather. one of the worst hit spots has been minnesota. abc's neal karlinsky is in the waterlogged st. paul with the very latest. good morning, neal. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. we're along the mississippi. you can see the mississippi is well over its banks into the park here and continues to rise, but this is not the region's only problem. overnight severe weather creating more havoc for the rain-soaked midwest. the college world series of baseball in omaha evacuated because of lightning and heavy rain. flooding was also recorded with 12,000 customers in the omaha metro area without power.
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in the nearby grand island area, hail the size of meatballs and winds over 70 miles per hour. hard-hit minneapolis seemed the wettest start to the year on record. mudslides wiping out two homes and washing out roads. >> the people have been here for years and years have never seen it this bad. >> reporter: in ohio the national guard called in after days of heavy rain flooded hundreds of homes and in colorado floodwaters ruptured a storage tank dumping 7500 gallons of crude oil into a river. meanwhile, they're keeping a close eye on the university of minnesota medical center. 100-yard chunk of hill split away thursday night raising fears the entire hospital might be unstable, but officials this morning say the building is not in danger. still, the twin cities are not out of the woods. even without more rain the rivers are continuing to rise. the water is going to continue to rise here and the mississippi they say won't crest until wednesday meaning much of this
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area right here will continue to go under more and more water, but it is an area that does flood occasionally, which is why the biggest concern here continues to be those saturated hillsides. bianna. >> still not good to hear that there's more to come. neal, thank you. meteorologist julie durda from wplg is tracking all the weather here with the latest. she's here with the latest. >> they are not seeing a break from the rain. check out the latest radar, over the last 24 hours, again, the midwest hit with some very strong storms over nebraska into omaha and headed in towards iowa. unfortunately, they're going to have to deal with showers and storms today. even leading into tomorrow and monday. so how much rain is expected? well, well over 3 inches could cause flash flooding concerns across parts of the midwest. not only dealing with the rain but they are dealing with gusty winds, possibility of hail, damaging winds, that is, a few tornadoes possible and the same section that has been hit for the last few days. i'll have a lot more on the national forecast and the first day of summer forecast coming up. >> a busy nervous weekend in the
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middle of the country. and staying in that part of the country, check out this terrifying scene unfolding overnight in a neighborhood in minnesota. a plane crashing directly into a home setting off a huge fireball. there was a man inside that burning house at the time this happened. so what happened to him? abc's linzie janis is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. what an incredible story. the ntsb and the faa are arriving on the scene as we speak to try to determine the cause of the crash that killed two people. but this is also an incredible survival story including a split-second and life-saving decision. >> i have a report that a plane has struck a house and now the house is on fire. >> reporter: overnight a horrifying scene as a plane crashes into a home sending it up in flames. one person inside escaping by jumping from the second floor. >> it took a sharp turn and just went straight down over the trees. >> reporter: officials say the small single engine private
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plane was on a sightseeing tour when it went down killing the two people on board. the 27-year-old man was in an upstairs bedroom when he heard an explosion and had to make a split-second decision as the flames rapidly engulfed his home. neighbors watching in disbelief. one witness reported seeing a large airplane flying low towards the local airport then seconds later the small plane nosediving. >> we arrived on the keen two minutes after it scratched. it was engulfed in flames. all the windows had fire coming out of them. the roof had fire coming out. >> where do you want us to come at? how do you want us to come at and where is this at? >> reporter: emergency teams scrambling to keep the flames from spreading to other homes. >> people ran from everywhere. i know 911 was called immediately. >> reporter: firefighters managed to put out that massive blaze in an hour and a half and they also recovered the victims from the scene but are not yet releasing their names. dan and bianna, the man who survived was living with his brother-in-law who had just left the house ten minutes earlier.
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he got a call on his cell phone from a neighbor saying a plane just hit your house. >> close call and great work on the part of the firefighters to keep it from spreading. >> and the ntsb is investigating. >> there right now. >> thank you. meantime, let's get a check of the other top stories from ron. hey, ron, i'm not ignoring you. i would never ignore you. >> good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin in upstate new york where a semi truck came barreling into a busy restaurant killing a bartender inside and leaving behind a path of destruction. abc's michelle franzen has more. >> reporter: overnight out of nowhere a tractor trailer slammed into this crowded ithaca, new york, restaurant. >> i thought the kitchen exploded. >> reporter: carrying two decks of cars, the massive truck crushed everyone and everything in its path. >> at least people two down, possible fire. >> reporter: the crash killing a bartender at the bistro. according to the restaurant's co-owner, she was the mother of a 14-month-old baby who was also pregnant with her second child. >> four or five of us tried to
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pull the bar away and then there was four or five-foot flames coming off the tractor trailer. >> it happened so felt, i feel like i just felt a truck drive straight into the building. >> the truck came down the street, so i literally had to jump out of the way. >> reporter: this bystander stunned after his terrifying brush with death. >> thank god i'm here today. >> reporter: and while police scramble to find out exactly why this happened -- >> the operator of the tractor is in police headquarters right now. we're in the process of interviewing him. >> the restaurant crew is struggling to come to terms with their devastating loss. >> we'll just take it day by day. right now we're just more concerned with what happened to one of our family members. >> reporter: for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news, new york. and overseas now to iraq and growing calls for iraq's shiite prime minister to form a government more inclusive of
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rival sunni muslims or to step down. this comes as a u.s. official says elite iraqi security forces remain inside the huge baiji oil refinery which is completely surrounded by militant isis fighters who have taken over much of the country. meantime, they have seized a syrian border crossing after killing 30 iraqi troops, and the radical islamic group recorded a new video in an effort to recruit more westerners. in california, the scorching fire, a wall of flames, that is, from a wildfire destroyed at least two homes near the town of cordelia, california, that's northeast of san francisco. the blaze driven by fierce flames that broke out along interstate 680 freeway. this was friday afternoon. crews on the ground and in the air launched a full assault to keep the wildfire from spreading. the fire is now under control as investigators try to determine what caused it. also in california, some terrifying moments over the skies of los angeles after a laser is pointed at the cockpit of a commercial airliner. the captain of a us airways flight from phoenix says he was coming in for a landing at
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coming in for a landing at laxalt on wednesday when the green beam of light lit up his cockpit. the pilot says his vision was briefly impaired but he managed to land the plane safely. and comedian tracy morgan is out of the hospital and now recovering at a rehabilitation center. according to morgan's publicist he is expected to undergo therapy for the next few weeks. morgan, of course, was critically injured in a deadly accident in new jersey. that was two weeks ago. his longtime friend, james mcnair, was killed in that crash. and java drinkers, get ready to pay for that next cup at the starbucks near you. starting on tuesday, the price of some, some starbucks drinks will go up from anywhere from 5 cents to 20 cents. if you also buy your starbucks beans from the supermarket, you can pay a dollar more per bag. starbucks says the price hikes are not due to higher coffee bean prices but rising operational costs. and finally, if you have ever flown on a southwest airlines flight, you know how those flight attendants sometimes try to be comical when they do the required
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preflight safety announcement. well, here was one who was actually funny and a recording of it has gone viral. >> for those of you traveling with your children, why? [ laughter ] for those of you traveling with two of your children, what in the world were you thinking? in case of anything happening, you'll want to grab the bright one. that one will contribute to your retirement most successfully. >> the unnamed flight attendant apparently even flew a party midnight on wednesday's trip from san francisco to chicago. the remarkable thing, he is unnamed. he doesn't have a name. >> great for southwest airlines. >> sometimes they're not that funny. >> no, i had one y achlt nchlt kchnk my headphones out of my ear the other day because i wasn't paying attention. >> whoa. >> wasn't paying attention. wasn't this guy. >> favorite line from "fatal attraction," i will not be ignored. >> i would never ignore you. >> yeah, you will not. all right. >> don't expect to see a bunny in your -- >> ron claiborne doing his best
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glenn close this morning, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, ron. we have an almost unbelievable caught on camera story this morning. look at this. the motorcyclist goes flying and somehow, somehow lands on his feet. this morning we're hearing from the man for the first time, and abc's marci gonzalez is on the story. marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yeah, he admits he did some gymnastics as a kid but nothing that could have prepared him for this. it's the viral video so wild even the guy cartwheeling through the air still has a hard time believing it. >> i didn't know i rolled like that. >> reporter: michael smith was on his way to lunch in clearwater, florida, last month when a car making a left turn cut him off forcing the motorcycle to crash into it. smith catapulting into the air flipping, rolling and incredibly walking away. >> and then when i realized i was up in the air, i just thought to myself, like, okay, i could either land on my head or my feet, and the next thing i
7:13 am
know, i hit my feet and i rolled up, and i got up. >> reporter: got up with no serious injuries. his friends, not totally buying the story of the acrobatic accident that left the 22-year-old's bike totaled until this video was released. >> he just gets up and walks. >> reporter: the driver of the car ticketed for making an improper left turn and driving with a suspended license. and smith got a summons for not having a license to operate a motorcycle. but he says he's getting that taken care of this week and will be back out riding again. >> i'm built tough. that's all i can say. i'm built very tough. >> reporter: tough and considering a fitting new career. >> and i will be a stuntman. i'll do all the things that they do and enjoy it and have no problem doing it. i'll commit all day for real. >> a stuntman. not a bad plan, right? although he is still in some pain and seeing a chiropractor a few days a week, he says he is undeterred. >> built tough but not built modest. >> at all. and he says he'll be back out there without a helmet.
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>> the ladies will be calling him soon. without a helmet? >> no. he wasn't wearing a helmet in that. >> and he won't wear one again. taking his chances. marci, he is a very lucky guy. speaking of lucky, we'll turn to a medical miracle. a mother's remarkable story of giving birth while having open heart surgery. mom and baby both pulling through and fortunately doing well this morning lucky to be alive. abc's jennifer ashton has the details. >> pretty little baby. >> reporter: this morning edita tracy and her newborn baby are flourishing. >> little miracle baby, huh? >> reporter: but that wasn't the case six weeks ago when edita, only 35 years old and 36 weeks pregnant almost died. >> i started feeling pressure in my back. that's when i called the ambulance. >> reporter: her obstetrician immediately ordering a ct scan. >> i was close to nine months pregnant. it's normal to feel tired and have some pain in the back. >> reporter: the scan revealing a rare and potentially
7:15 am
catastrophic condition called an aortic dissection. the major artery in edita's chest that carries blood to most of the body including the uterus was rupturing. two teams of surgeons rushed edita to the operating room. within 30 seconds of putting her to sleep, obstetricians delivered her healthy baby girl via c-section, then cardiac surgeons begin a nine-hour open heart surgery. >> after waking up, i was not aware what had happened to me. i think i thought i already delivered. >> reporter: an unexpected miracle this mom is thankful for. >> i was just happy that i was alive and that our daughter was alive. i think that the baby saved my life. >> unbelievable story, and abc news senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton is here with more. and, jen, you said you actually spoke with the heart surgeon last night. and he gave you some jaw-dropping additional facts. >> this was so much worse than originally reported.
7:16 am
if you think of the aortic arch as the umbrella handle, this was a dissection that really you can think of like a tear in pantyhose. this tear affected the entire arch, all those great vessels coming off the top and extending into the head and heart and extended a foot down into her chest. this has an incredibly high mortality rate. it was absolutely a life-and-death situation. >> incredibly rare because you look at her and she is young in her mid-30s and looks healthy. >> well, the cause in this case really seems to have been a perfect storm of two factors. number one, a connective tissue disease called marfan syndrome that weakens the walls of those blood vessels and, number two, pre-eclampsia, severe high blood pressure in pregnancy both happening at the same time. >> i'll never complain about having a c-section again after seeing this story. what is the takeaway for women at home when they feel pain? >> i think the take-home is, trust your instincts. listen to your body. that and the quick, smart and
7:17 am
skilled action of these doctors and nurses saved two lives here. this is an unbelievable medical miracle. >> medical miracle, indeed. and the fact that she says this baby saved her life. incredible. we're so happy. >> she did a good job too. >> they both did and the doctors. >> and the nurses. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> thanks, jen. now "gma" at the world cup before counting down to tomorrow night's big team usa match against portugal. america has a bad case of soccer fever right now, but as you may recall, we've been here before, so the question this morning, will the craze last after the games end this time? abc and espn soccer analyst julie foudy has more from rio. good morning, julie. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yes, for how many years have we been hearing soccer is finally popular in the united states. it happened when our u.s. women's team won the world cup in 1999. it happened when david beckham came here to play in major league soccer. it even happened when the u.s. got out of its group stage in the last world cup in 2010, but this time feels a little different.
7:18 am
>> scores. looking for the end post. >> reporter: soccer has always been a sport for the rest of the world. football's our game. baseball's our pastime. >> can dempsey do it? yes! >> reporter: until now. >> there are so many americans here in rio de janeiro and, you know, we just feel pride whenever we see each other. >> reporter: aside from brazilians, americans bought more tickets to this world cup than any other country. a whopping 196,000. fans like thomas from california who spent ten grand to be here. >> and the u.s. scores! >> when they scored that last goal, i actually almost passed out. >> reporter: but it's not just die-hards in brazil, from southern california to brooklyn, americans are embracing soccer like never before. and one group of fans is right in the middle of the revolution,
7:19 am
the american outlaws. membership for this supporters group has skyrocketed. >> the 30 and 40 chapters that we had in 2010 is now 140 chapters. >> reporter: and that fan base is growing faster than any other sport, and many americans say they are watching soccer at the same rate as professional basketball. >> all: i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. >> reporter: maybe, just maybe this time soccer is here to stay. i will that we will win. >> reporter: i believe. >> all: i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. >> reporter: and, dan, besides the u.s. game getting big numbers, we know that the non-u.s. games, they're up 20% in viewership, and i think the telltale sign of everything out there with the brutal winter that happened all across the united states, the fact that people on their first sunday of the summer are planning viewing parties inside, we've made it. u.s. soccer has arrived. >> you know what, i was skeptical going in, but you make a really good case. also, i really liked your
7:20 am
chanting there, the "i believe we will win." that was very convincing, as well. thank you to you. enjoy the big day in rio. we want to remind people, don't miss the big game between team usa and portugal starting tomorrow at 5:00 eastern on espn. our sister network which has a triple header of world cup action on tap for today, as well. >> you can feel the excitement here in new york city. you can go to any bar or restaurant and see it on somewhere. so, yeah, i believe we're going to win too. >> yeah. someone else who believes we'll win is julie durda from our miami station, wplg. hey, julie. >> that's right, good morning, bianna. can i tell you we're winning already with the forecast. the first official day of summer. i know it's been a brutal winter for millions of americans out there, and we have been waiting all year to see this arrive. am i right? i know you are at home. you're so excited just like we are here in the northeast so let's talk about some of the areas feeling like summer and above average temperatures, believe it or not, the southwest, it is hot, it is dry. we're talking triple digits.
7:21 am
las vegas, yuma, phoenix, 109 degrees today in palm springs. let's check out the southeast where it is going to be hot but is going to be humid. very muggy conditions as the winds are moving in from the gulf of mexico and we are also anticipating strong storms in the southeast all the way into florida. we are expecting some heavy rain and gusty winds. let's talk about an area not feeling like summer, actually really comfortable right here in the northeast. we are going to be dry. it'll be comfortable with temperatures in the upper 70s. not feeling like summer. more like spring but we're going to take that dry, comfortable air mass while it lasts because things will change in the forecast. let's talk about coast to coast. we are going to see those violent storms again from the midwest down to the southeast so
7:22 am
>> dan, bianna, you guys as excited as i am about summer. >> super excited. i got my sunburn out. my sunscreen out. >> sunburn? >> anyway, freudian slip. coming up here on "gma," the hot mug shot this felon says is making him a social media sensation with women swooning online. we'll hear his side of the story from behind bars. plus, what happens when a beauty contest goes to the dogs, literally the ugliest pooch is picked in the world and we have worst in show coming up. who will be george clooney's best man, somebody close to him is taking guesses ahead in "pop news."
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think of the crown of the head touching the ceiling and your four corners pushing down into the floor. stand up. no hands. >> that's sara and i getting some personalized yoga instruction from bethany lyons founder of lyons den power yoga right here in new york city ahead of the big event in times square for the yoga summer solstice. to kick off the summer with some power yoga, get this -- over 8,000 people heading there to find inner peace in new york city among the hustle and bustle. amazing live streaming event that goes on throughout the evening showing it really is possible to stay centered even in the most hectic of places. and you, of course, at home can logon to to follow along at home and i know sara and i
7:31 am
were talking with bethany yesterday. this has to do with meditation. the takeaway, it's not just physical transformation but mental too. bethany said her husband hadn't spoken to his father in 15 years. once he started practicing yoga, something changed in his mind. >> nice to see how nice it made you when you pushed sara. >> yeah. i'm not a yoga -- >> and when you ignored ron the whole show. it's bad yoga really. >> i'm not the perfect example. >> i put on a little bit prior to that shot. >> oh, you did? >> i asked for it. >> you provoked her. that's amazing. >> i did. >> hard to believe. check out this segue, from downward dog to the ugliest dog on planet earth -- >> good job. >> don't push me, okay? >> well done. >> this is the world's ugliest dog competition and our own cameron mathison was a judge. actually they're so ugly, they're cute kind of. look at that one. and so we're going to tell you which dog won and we're actually going to have him on for you to see coming up a little bit later this half hour. but first it's the viral mug shot and the con who has got women swooning across the world.
7:32 am
>> yeah, there's nothing ugly about this guy. he's so good looking, in fact, it's, well, criminal. >> oh. >> now he's getting loads of facebook fans and abc's cecilia vega has more on this very nice-looking felon. >> reporter: the chiseled cheeks, those blue eyes, the teardrop and the neck tats, it is the mug shot going viral, the most liked photo ever in the history of the stockton, california, police department's facebook page and now jeremy meeks is the criminal stealing hearts all around the world. arrested this week accused of being a convict in possession of a loaded gun, police call meeks a dangerous gang member. he didn't enter a plea in court friday, but the verdict is in. the ladies love him. >> i just visited my wife, and she said i blew up all over facebook. >> reporter: in a jailhouse interview meeks on the inside seems surprised about his new popularity on the outside. but if it seems meeks is too
7:33 am
cute to be a crook, cops say, think again. he served time for grand theft and police say he is a documented gang member. and in a statement police say they want people to know jeremy meeks is a convicted felon arrested on some very serious gang and weapons charges. he insists his criminal life is in his past and that he's not the kingpin police say he is. >> i haven't done anything gang related. >> reporter: that's not stopping women from volunteering to rehabilitate this rebel. >> he's a good-looking guy. >> reporter: with comments online like "i want to be in his cell" and "if you need a place to hide from the police, my door is always open." if orange is the new black, perhaps jeremy meeks is the next male cover model. his face popping up all over the internet in fake ads from cologne to high fashion. but to the ladies who think this is one fine felon, in addition to his rap sheet, meeks is a married man.
7:34 am
for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> so, ladies at home, he's off the market and behind bars. >> she must be so proud. >> yes. >> let's check the morning's other headlines now with another very handsome fellow who is not a law breaker, ron claiborne. >> thank you very much. hi again, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin in the news with the major flooding in the midwest. minnesota was soaked overnight triggering a mudslide that wiped out two homes. and in omaha, nebraska, pounding hail delayed the college world series in that part of the country. this is the wettest start to the year on record. and a small plane came crashing down into a house near minneapolis killing two people on board. one person inside the house, though, managed to escape by jumping from the second floor. witnesses say the plane took a sharp turn before nosediving into that house. the ntsb is investigating. and pro golfer tiger woods says he is rusty but ready to get back in the swing of things with announcing that he'll be back on the green next week for a tournament that supports his charity.
7:35 am
woods underwent back surgery back in march which kept him out of both the masters and u.s. open. and from golf to goats and golf. this golf course in braintree, massachusetts, is using herds of hungry goats to get rid of poison ivy. the goats are clearing the poison ivy and also fertilizing as they go along. >> how does that work exactly? >> i'll explain that to you later in biology class. and should the ball land in the goat pen, it could be ruled a goat tee. >> i got it. >> you're the resident golfer. is that common? >> goats? no, it is not common. and, by the way, the spurs won the nba championship. i said i would cut my hair if they won. july 4th weekend i will unveil the new look. >> oh. >> stay tuned. >> i think etched in your hair -- >> that's the 5th and 6th. stay tuned. >> that's a teaser beyond -- >> i'll be on vacation mercifully.
7:36 am
>> you got to come back for this. >> time for the weather and julie durda. julie, what do you think? is ron lying? >> no, i think he is going to do something very interesting. and you don't have to remind me that the heat loss. remember, i am from miami, yes, all right, this is what we're looking at, a live look outside. check this out. we are seeing a gorgeous, amazing picture. i just really want to hold on this so you can see the sun rise. look at all that fog, and this is in chicago, the john hancock tower, as you can see, just very impressive. this is something you don't see every day. now, unfortunately, for you waking up in chicago, you're not seeing anything because you're stuck in fog. once the fog does start to diminish later on today we are expect showers and storms this this area, so, unfortunately, get ready for severe storms and heavy rain and flooding across the midwest stretching all the way in towards st. louis. going to the pacific northwest, all is quiet. dry and comfortable for this first day of summer. temperatures will be in the upper 70s. overall nice weather pattern. that's a look at the forecast nationally.
7:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by the makers of zyrtec. >> thanks, julie. coming up on "gma," i love this story, they're so ugly, they're kind of cute. there's a lot to love about the contestants in the world's ugliest dog contest. you're going to meet the winner after the break. and nothing but gorgeous about kelly clarkson's big reveal. your first look at her adorable baby girl up ahead in "pop news." the congestion sufferers who feel like there's a brick on their face. who are so congested, it feels like the walls are closing in. ♪ who are so stuffed up, they feel like they're under water. try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose
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[ bottle ] ensure®. makes about as much sensere... as a gas guzzling suv here. the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric, all-new smart electric drive. just $139 a month. ♪ there's cameron mathison judging the world's ugliest dog contest. he doesn't quite fit in there. he's too handsome. >> oh, my goodness. >> look at that guy. looks like -- >> wow. >> so this is a contest where when they tell you you look good, that is not a compliment. >> gives new meaning to the phrase, only a face a mother could love. these pooches are vying for the title of ugliest dog and the competition. that's a cute one. and cameron is not bad looking
7:42 am
either. while far from pretty the owners are no less proud. abc's cameron mathison is in san francisco with more. some of them were cute. some of them, not so much, cameron. >> you know, yes, it's true. ugliness is in the eye of the beholder or something like that. but there were about 29 dogs that competed in 2014 world's ugliest dog contest. now, what was the prize? the prize was a trophy literally bigger than me and 1500 bucks, which makes for a whole lot of dog treats, and yours truly was, indeed, honored to be one of three judges. now, it's important to say that this competition was not about making fun of ugly dogs because we all know that all dogs are beautiful. this was about celebrating wonderful characters and showcasing what true beauty really is and, of course, having a lot of fun along the way. ♪ the westminster kennel club dog show where only the most coifed and coordinated survive, but
7:43 am
this -- oh, wow -- is not that competition. >> he has no teeth on this side so his tongue always hang out like that. >> reporter: snaggled hair, crooked teeth, big bellies and all kinds of cosmetic oddities. nothing is off limits in this fight to become the alpha dog of underdogs at the 26th annual world's unliest dog contest at the sonoma-marin fairgrounds in petaluma, california. >> you realize beauty is all subjective. >> i think they're all cute in an ugly sort of way. >> everybody said that we had the world's ugliest dog and we should go to the contest. so we did. >> reporter: they may be ugly, but, hey, these dogs have standards. why exactly does a vet need to be here to check out all the dogs beforehand? >> we need to make sure they're not ugly for major health reasons because of neglect but they're ugly for good reasons. >> reporter: the judges and i scored on several categories including special and unusual attributes, their personality and, of course, their natural ugliness. >> not exactly a whole dog, but we love quasi modo anyway. it looks like he's twerking a lit. >> reporter: the dogs are split
7:44 am
into two categories, pedigrees and mutts, and the winners from each category duke it out for the title. >> the world's ugliest dog is peanut. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this little one, the mangiest of mutts, leaping ahead of the rest. >> i think that he is just -- got an amazing strong spirit. >> here, the champ, peanut. right here up early with me. now, prior to the competition, peanut not only won the live competition with me judging, but peanut also won an online poll of public opinion coming in with almost 2,000 votes. hundreds above the others. now, peanut was burned when he was a puppy, and his current owner entered him into this competition to raise awareness for animal abuse. now, while dogs from last night's competition were rescues, the sonoma humane society was there on site with information and showcased adoptable pets.
7:45 am
>> it looks like the bar scene from "star wars." it's amazing. it's like all these weird -- great event. cameron, you were awesome as a judge. and we really thank you for your story. >> i love peanut's smile. >> thanks, guys. >> peanut. a permanent smile. >> yeah. >> you better love that smile. it's not going anywhere. >> congratulations, peanut. peanut is actually coming here tomorrow. all right, straight ahead on "good morning america," we'll tell you who may be carrying the world's former most eligible bachelor's wedding bands coming up in "pop news." he's a handsome guy. i don't think he would be in the world's ugliest -- >> no. >> a good follow-up to the dogs. >> right. >> a good follow-up to the dogs. >> right. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper.
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♪ "pop news." sara haines, take it away. okay.
7:50 am
from the less than pretty pups to the gorgeous george clooney, we are guessing who will be his best man. okay, so "the daily mirror" is reporting that they've spoken to the groom's aunt who says she thinks it will be brad pitt, his "ocean's thirteen" co-star and good friend offscreen. i have a few ideas of who could be in the running. option a, president barack obama, the upside, you're george clooney. go big. he's been a longtime supporter of the president. now, the downside is he would risk being upstaged by the best man and his best man's secret service entourage. side note. sandra bullock. george is a new-age guy. and it's trendy to have a best woman and in the outside chance jerry seinfeld just so he gets the opportunity, excuse me, to revenge photo bomb his wedding album which would be pretty awesome. kelly clarkson introduced her brand-new baby river rose to the world by posting a beautiful photo on instagram. river looks picture perfect in her carefully chosen rose colored carriage. sleeping peacefully in an adorable pose only babies can pull off. first time mom kelly is clearly in love captioning the photo,
7:51 am
"here is our beautiful baby girl, the greatest thing on the planet." the big premiere of abc's "rising star" is just one day away and ludacris is already emerging as the tough judge. in fact, the performances are going to have to be pretty memorable to make an impression on the rapper who recently revealed his bad memory to jimmy kimmel. >> how the hell do you forget ke$ha, by the way? ke$ha, i just way to say, ludacris, do you remember -- i think it was the third time you were on this show, you had no memory of being on the previous two. >> yeah. >> okay. i'm really excited for the show. i think this is going to be like the next big thing, so i downloaded the app but you have to download the app to make your vote count which as you've seen in some of the teasers, that's how they know who's going on and it all starts tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central, and we will be right back. l. we will be right back. the cooler! ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new wild cherry and vanilla pepsi made with real sugar.
7:52 am
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♪ time flies. performing an early morning concert to celebrate the first day of summer. >> it's all part of pepsi's summer solstice concerts marking the longest day of the year with four coast-to-coast live stream concerts. ♪ a pretty hot day >> have a wonderful day, everyone, at home and enjoy the longest day of the year. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. >> with peanut. >> with peanut. >> thank you for being here.
7:57 am
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. it's 8:00 on sad, the first day of summer. let's start you off with a quick chuck of the forecast with meteorologist lisa ar jeb. >> the marine level is intact. it is shallow and will continue to dissipate but it will be backed up along the shoreline today. emeryville, you can see a bit of the low clouds. 55 in santa rosa. we do have a breeze in concord up to 23 miles an hour. 63 degrees for you right now. a few high clouds around today but with low 60s at the cost, the onshore flow keeping things

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